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MEN OF THE CLOTH -- Jan. 9 - FSS at MONDO Summit

"What it means to find your true calling in life is the universal message of the film." ~ Vicki Vasilopoulos, Producer/Director of MEN OF THE CLOTH

It is a special experience to see a film and have the chance to meet its director. Last night I watched a documentary film about three master tailors called MEN OF THE CLOTH. This inspiring portrait of three Italian master tailors, Nino Corvato, Checchino Fonticoli and Joe Centofanti, takes the viewer behind the scenes of the artistry and craftsmanship of an old-world profession that may be vanishing from modern society. Filmed over the course of eleven years, producer/director Vicki Vasilopoulos tells their story with authenticity and warmth.

Most of us will never know the true artistry of a master tailor. We would never know, for instance, that these three master tailors started working when they were young, that they practiced and practiced and perfected their skills with a passion and perfect concentration. Many of us simply think of tailoring clothing as providing alterations and that could not be farther from the truth. A true master tailor creates from a singular vision, understands every aspect of the human anatomy, is always learning, reaching to do better, and developing a relationship with his tools and his clients so personal that they become one.

I was touched by this experience, and I will forever appreciate the stories that these masters tell with their hands and their hearts, and filmmaker Vicki Vasilopoulos for telling it.

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